The Agency in collaboration with Architects

Our agency acquires the expertise of Architects D.P.L.G to assist you in your project of acquisition and life.

Emmanuelle FALQUE who is in charge of the Transaction Service and Architect of Training will guide you on the potential and the prospects of evolution of a property for sale in order to propose a project adapted to your needs and reveal the qualities of the good which will be you offers.

Here is an example of an illustration of property entrusted for sale for which a rehabilitation was carried out in collaboration.



For sale





Williams GUION and Eric DEDYAN works closely together.

Williams puts his expertise to the services of the individual. It realizes rehabilitation and construction of individual villa.

Eric works more with communities.

Their cabinet, located in Toulon, allows them to shine in the Var and the Bouches du Rhône.

15 rue Auffan 83 000 TOULON  Tel 04 94 41 00 90



Minimalism: wood, concrete, glass


Kengo Kuma has designed an ocean-facing house with floor-to-ceiling windows and a wooden structure resembling an artificial tree with invisible branches.

Architect: Kengo Kuma
Photos: Kawasumi e Kobayashi Kenji Photograph Office

The peri-urban territories in project

The Planning and Environment Architecture Council 13 proposes a conference on Peri-urban territories in project

Individual housing is the privileged way of life for the French and, more broadly, for Europeans. In fact, peri-urban residential neighborhoods have developed rapidly and are provoking controversy: are they symbols of the non-city or, on the contrary, the fabric of an emerging city (Chalas & alii, 1997, Sieverts, 2004) ? On the one hand, different researchers reveal the economic advantage (Castel, 2011) and the ecological (Frileux, 2013), social (Dodier, 2012, Lambert, 2015), architectural and urban qualities (Bonnet, 2014) of this emerging city. (Dubois-Taine & Chalas, 1997). On the other, numerous studies continue to denounce the waste of land, the artificialisation of soils, the increase of the costs related to infrastructures and networks, the intensification of motorized movements, individualism or the absence of social mix of these tissues (Bourne, 1992, Newman & Kenworthy, 1999, Hillman, 2010, Charmes, 2013, Pinson, 2017).

In this context, the renewal of these peri-urban tissues is an unavoidable challenge: how to meet the structural, ecological, economic and social challenges that these territories face? Tributaries of private action, they continue to develop in all directions, despite the new political orientations to "make the city on the city" (SRU law, 2010, ALUR law, 2014). Based on this observation, we propose a half-day study focused on this question of redefining the project in these peri-urban areas. What are the processes at work and inventing to drive cross-scalar projects: from the individual to the common?


Lieu : MAV PACA 12 Bd T. Thurner 13006 Marseille (métro ND-du Mont)
14h30-18h30 : half day study
19h : conference "les Dialogues de l'Urbain"
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MARSEILLE, a territory still in the making

In Marseille, a multidisciplinary campus will reinvent the Mediterranean city

The Mediterranean Institute of the city and the territories will constitute, at the beginning of the school year 2022, a pole of higher education and research, unpublished trio of schools of urbanism, landscaping and architecture.
In 2022, in the popular district of Porte d'Aix, located in the heart of Marseille, the gaze of onlookers will necessarily stop on this huge white facade and these large trees planted in the shelter of the mistral. Inside, each day, 1,300 students and 350 teachers and researchers will come together, driven by one goal: to invent the city of tomorrow.

THE WORLD | 17.05.2018 at 15:29 | By Feriel Alouti

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